Emcorp Tech is the dedicated software and hardware development division of Emcorp Group. The Emcorp Tech software team are involved in the design, plan and delivery processes for a range of commercial technology to support both local site, regional operations and senior management.

Via our Digital Platforms, detailed reporting on analytic results means that in real time, users can track almost any result from their site, operations or brand. Further, they can task any requirement to any staff level.

Our software team deploys hardware to allow equipment or buildings to communicate and software to report and inform to your staff, safety personnel and managers.  We aim to ease the burden of day to day compliance, tasking and the management of incidents. Combined, this assists in driving site compliance and brand performance.

Solutions include:

  • Performance Reporting & Measurement
  • Site Inspection & Tasking Management
  • Digital Emergency & Incident Management
  • Command & Control software platforms
  • Tagging, Tracking and Access Log Technology
  • Communication Hardware including; Satellite, Tough Pads and Phones
  • RFID, BLE Identification hardware
  • Mobile and remote, multi-site access or overview solutions
  • Investigation and Safety Software for accounting and reporting

The use of mobile hardware has dramatically increased in global society. The access of a range of apps has been measured by Emcorp Tech, and the process has now been developed to provide a range of user friendly platforms to assist staff. The apps allow immediate access to the Safety Manager Digital Platform that assists in command, control, dissemination and coordination with reporting links. The platform is based on a system utilized by healthcare, hotels and resort groups.

The use of apps has been embraced by Emcorp Group and our products now assist in freeing businesses and staff from the confines of a desktop, laptop or internet connection. The App’s have been developed for the range of ‘IOS’ and Android platforms meaning instant access for all associates.

Is the Solution Right?

Emcorp Group have been successfully utilising App’s for the hospitality sector for over five years. The development of Safety and Security, Customer Experience Measurement and HACCP Apps for the range of Apple ‘iOS’ and Android platforms means instant accessibility for any staff member. All are easy to use on all platforms and are designed specifically for use both in referencing requirements, daily operations or incident/crisis events.